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— John Bail      

Safety is my obsession, and happy licence-holders my great reward: one after the other, new drivers come out of the test centre in Wexford town (sometimes Gorey, too) wreathed in smiles.


I’ve seen many instructors come and go, putting in a year or two in the business. But my feeling is: if you want you, your son or your daughter to succeed, go to an instructor with a track record.


I’m ready to teach you everything I know about safe driving.

where most of my students do their test. Those north of me may opt for the Gorey test, and that suits me fine. The town test is distinctly urban, Gorey less so. Be aware: there are at least ten routes attached to either, and they change. But I’ll make you a happy, confident driver on all roads, urban and rural, at home and abroad.

All this time helping the people of Wexford get behind the wheel... then, years later, doing the same for their children... Well, I suppose I must be doing something right!

Approved Driving Instructor cert

Mobile: 087 000 0000

ADI  Number: 34226

Tel: 053 915 9729 | Mob: 087 265 0611

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Bail, John

Lessons Rates:
€40 per hour

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• HELLO to L-drivers everywhere!

Clockwise from top left: Lisa Cullen said: “Just want to say a huge thanks to John! Passed, so full licence today! Delighted is an understatement!” Jessica has a full licence, while schoolboy Gary take the first step. Top right, Susan Glendon, says: “Huge thanks to John. I went from nervous and clueless to a confident driver.” Sun-seeker Gueza Keane agrees: “Thanks for all your help John. Celebrating my licence tonight!” Eithne echoes: “Passed this a.m. Thanks, John!” Rev. Michael says it all: “With John Bail, you cannot fail!” “Bun” added a heart-felt graphic. Young Ryan Bates “...failed theory 6 times... yet today I pass my test 1st time! Thanks John!” Ali agrees: “Full licence in the bag. Cannot recom-mend John Bail enough.” Last word to Kate: “Passed some time ago, but still remember how helpful John was. Highly recommended.”

THEY SAY everyone knows John Bail, and I suppose after forty years in the business, it’s not surprising. However, there are many who are new to Wexford, so it’s time to get a proper website and introduce myself.

First, as I am just north of Wexford Town, that’s

Serving Wexford  and North Waterford