DONEGAL • 086 668 7347

DONEGAL • 086 668 7347

The Heavy Vehicle Training Specialist

ADI Number: 35452 • Certified for B, C, D and CE

WELCOME TO Street Professional Driving Training, the busiest heavy vehicle training centre in the northwest, and one of the best-known in the entire country.

Street Professional
Driver Training...

Myself and my three instructors
are ready to get you started in
the trucking
and heavy vehicle
Business. You’ll
get to see all of Ireland,
the UK, and all of Europe.
I am happy to say that,
for me, there’s still a
lot of romance and
adventure to
life on
the road. Call me and learn
how little it can cost to start
your journey: 086 668 7347

Gary Bradley

Age no barrier

Swearing by Scania

You’re never too old or, as Jennifer demonstrates,
too young to learn how to drive! Call 086 668 7347

A glimpse of the
interior may give
some idea why
we here at Street
Professional love
Scania vehicles...
especially for the
longer hauls.
Volvo is a  great
marque too,
and I’ve driven
both. Our green-
and-white trucks
can be seen all
over Ireland.